About Us

Thanks to the natural food movement, Americans are more concerned with how and where their food is being produced. Small-­‐farm agriculture is on the rise and more people are committed to sourcing local, organic products. Pine Nuts USA, the exclusive distributor of Mount Wilson Grown Pine Nuts and Products, was created to follow and promote the principles of today’s natural food movement.

We at Pine Nuts USA promise to:

  • ­‐ Only use organic methods of farming
  • Not use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers
  • ­‐ Produce only Non-­GMO products
  • ­‐ Abide by fair trade practices
  • ‐ Use health certified facilities to dry, pack and ship our products

Pine Nuts USA is a brand of TruPlanet.

TruPlanet is a socially responsible company committed to supporting causes, sustainability, and inspiring long lasting change. Projects range from homeopathic healing and organic farming to cause marketing campaigns and spiritual vacation destinations. For more info visit www.truplanet.com.

Mount Wilson Ranch

Gathering pinyon pine nuts in the Great Basin National Park is a fun, fall family activity!

The family owned and operated Mount Wilson Ranch in Pioche, Nevada is home of the Mount Wilson Grown Pine Nut. They know local food systems are a way to both rebuild rural economies and improve access to healthy food. By making their pine nut crop readily available to the public, they take part in supporting the local food movement in the Great Basin region of Nevada. While it is legal for all citizens to collect 25 pounds of pine nuts from public lands, the idea of locating a crop and completing a harvest can be daunting. The Mount Wilson Ranch has opened their property to those interested in a hassle free experience of gathering and harvesting their own food directly from the lands.

The U-­‐Pick Pine Nuts is a shared crop program. Based on the honor system, Piñon pine pickers simply pick a pound of pine nuts for the ranch for every pound they pick for themselves. Day visitors are welcome as well as those looking for a longer adventure. Camping is available free of charge on near by public lands, or enjoy the comforts of the ranch’s bed and breakfast. In addition to picking pine nuts, guests can enjoy adventure tours, environmental education programs and an authentic wild-­west experience. For more information or to make a reservation visit www.mountwilsonranch.com.

Happy Gathering!